Transdermal Pain Relief: Mineral Hot Springs and ANSHI

If you’re looking for transdermal pain relief then look no further. You can get easy, fast, and natural topical pain relief in these two ways:

1. Visit the nearest mineral hot springs or plan your next trip to one!
2. Use ANSHI transdermal rubs anywhere on the face or body. 

Natural transdermal relief may be a new concept for some so let me break it down. Transdermal means the ability to penetrate the epidermis and reaches the subcutaneous layer of the skin to absorb deeply in the body and even reach the central nervous system. This means you can use your skin to absorb medicine – not just your gut.

We appreciate transdermal absorption of nature’s best minerals and plants. That’s why we love visiting the closest natural hot springs to San Diego – Jacumba Hot Springs. They get transdermal absorption – and it’s simpler than you may imagine. If you’ve ever soaked in an Epsom salt bath or mineral hot springs – than you have more experience with transdermal absorption than you may think!

Their water in Jacumba is high in sulfur and magnesium – trace minerals your body NEEDS. Simply soaking in the water can offer amazing benefits for your health. Mineral hot springs can relieve pain, detox your skin, relax your mind, and help boost circulation. 

Transdermal Pain Relief: Mineral Hot Springs and ANSHI

The ingredients in ANSHI are chosen carefully for a reason – you can enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, the muscle relaxing and decongestant properties of peppermint, the cooling and healing benefits of aloe, and the 84 trace minerals in pink Himalayan salt all via the skin with ANSHI.

So now that you know the SKIN can ABSORB so many wonderful things - what are you waiting for? Get to the nearest hot spring stat and stock up on ANSHI!

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