Recipe of the Week: HOLYMARY Yerba Mate Gummy + Smoothie

If you've tried yerba mate drinks then you know it can be a better option than coffee especially, for those with sensitivities to the high acidity. Yerba Mate is usually pretty bitter and some of the drinks can have 30 grams of added thanks. It's definitely an acquired taste. This gummy option with HOLYMARY gives you all the benefits and FAST with an easily digestible and yummy gummy flavored with quince. "With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and abundant polyphenols, yerba mate nourishes while it stimulates." - HOLYMARY
Here is what yerba mate can do for you:
  • Contains nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Can boost energy and increase desire to be active.
  • Supports mental focus, mood and productivity.
  • Can enhance physical performance.
  • May protect against bacterial infections.
  • May help you lose weight and belly fat.
  • Can boost your immune system.
  • Can lower cholesterol & risk of heart disease.
  • May improve overall digestion.
  • Supports sexual wellness.

It's known to provide more energy and clarity than coffee!


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