DIY Natural Skincare with ANSHI Classic Pink salt

In this day and age we are all about do-it-yourself or DIY. Why wouldn’t we be? With toxic ingredients seeping into our everyday products found in convenience stores across the country. Many folks alike are turning to the kitchen for natural remedies and skincare. ANSHI Classic Pink Salt brings DIY natural skincare to the next level. Whether you’re looking to make a DIY natural facemask, DIY charcoal facemask, DIY lavender rub, DIY natural bath soak, or DIY natural skincare with essential oils.

ANSHI Classic Pink Salt DIY skincare with essential oils, DIY facemask, DIY face mask with charcoal, DIY lavender rub

That’s the beauty of ANSHI Classic Pink Salt truly, and all our Limited Editions. Because once they’re gone – they’re gone….but not really. We put the power back in the consumers hands and we invite you to recreate our beloved Limited Editions right in your kitchen! All you need is ANSHI Classic Pink Salt and either activated charcoal powder (found in any natural grocery store or online on Amazon), and lavender essential oil. Or get creative and think of  a new Limited Edition and submit it to our ideas community:


ANSHI Charcoal, DIY facemask with charcoal

ANSHI Charcoal Face Mask recipe:

  • 1 TBSP of ANSHI Classic Pink Salt + 2 TSP of charcoal powder
  • Mix it up in a small bowl with a spoon
  • Apply where needed!

ANSHI Lavender, DIY lavender rub

ANSHI Lavender Massage Rub recipe:

  • 1 TBSP of ANSHI Classic Pink Salt + 2-10 drops of your favorite lavender essential oil
  • Mix it up in a small bowl with a spoon
  • Apply where needed!


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