Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy and Natural Pain Relief Postpartum

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for new mothers and mothers alike. Every person is different and their symptoms can range. Natural pain relief during pregnancy and natural pain relief postpartum is something many mothers seek to treat ailments from swollen ankles to headaches (common things to occur during and after pregnancy). ANSHI provides the best natural pain relief for inflammation and swelling for pregnancy and postpartum.

A lot of women choose to go all-natural while they’re pregnant. That means no pills. In fact, there’s tons of research that suggest taking pills while pregnant isn’t healthy for you or your baby. The FDA actually recommends you avoid all NSAIDs after 20 weeks of pregnancy to avoid birth defects like premature closing of a baby's ductus arteriosus and even damage to the fetus’s kidneys. If you can’t even take an ibuprofen for swollen feet or a massive headache – what do you do? Natural options and especially topical cut through the noise and offer quick and easy relief with zero side effects. 

Nausea is also a very popular ailment that affects many pregnant women – using Nurturing Peppermint under the nose, chest, throat, back of the neck, and stomach can really help offer relief fast – much faster than ingesting pills.

Turmeric combined with Peppermint works great for a bad headache or migraine and ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric rub can take down swelling overnight with a foot mask + socks.

See below for a real-life encounter where not even the ER could help a pregnant woman in need – but ANSHI could:

natural ways to treat an abscess and natural pain relief during pregnancy and postpartum


"I used warm water and hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the area. She whined through that but I continued. I applied Anshi charcoal and used a little pressure with a sterile pad. She rested for a couple of hours. I changed the dressing, it had green leakage. Now I used Turmeric and Charcoal again. Dressed it in soft pads. Morning she took a hot shower and it exploded in the shower! A lot of pain relief. I continued dressing it alienating Turmeric, Peppermint and back to Charcoal. I ask her to walk easy as much as she could to cause movement in her bottom. She was walking freely in 2 days. We continued to sterilize and keep clean. She was completely better! I did recommend her to follow up with her pregnancy doctor to insure there was no infection in rectum. Thank you Anshi for these products! The charcoal was a blessing!" - Sarah

For postpartum symptoms like anxiety or panic attacks we recommend mixing our Classic Pink Salt with your favorite lavender essential oil. You can add 2-10 drops per 1 TBSP of ANSHI depending on how strong you'd like it. Lavender has been used for centuries to treat things like anxiety and stress. Simply rub on the chest, back/spine, back of neck, temples, and under the nose. Practicing emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping can help relieve anxiety and after an ANSHI Classic Pink Salt + lavender rub down this just exemplifies the benefits. You you can watch a less than 10 min tutorial on EFT tapping here:

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