Toxin-Free Face Masks by ANSHI for All-purpose Use

Did you know that any ANSHI variety can be used as a stand-alone product for one use case or in combination with several health and beauty uses? Each of our 4 varieties can be used as a toxin-free face mask in addition to the 10+ other ways you can utilize our main ingredients power when combined with Pink Salt for better absorption. 

 Simply apply a 1/2 teaspoon of your preferred ANSHI variety (think Aloe for after long days in the sun or cold winter mountains or Turmeric for tired, puffy skin and eyes) and rub in and around neck and leave on for 10 minutes and either pat dry with a towel or rinse off! 

Our simple 6-ingredient or less varieties are ideal for use as facial masks for essential oil lovers and natural product fans alike! With face masks being just one of the ways to use Total Healing Turmeric or Detox Aloe or Nurturing Peppermint and Pink Salt, why not consider this for your next gift? So many ways to use a single product and turn it into all natural gifts such as a Turmeric mask, Aloe mask, and Peppermint Mask or Pink Salt mask. 

Explore all our varieties and shop now here.

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