Mix and Match; Combine ANSHI with other Products

Did you know you can use any ANSHI variety in combination with other oils. The possibilities are endless for personalized topical oil preparations for health or beauty. Take ANSHI Pink Salt or Aloe for instance as toxin-free holiday gift ideas that really stand out. 

You can use Peppermint as a natural solution to sore throats that doesn't involve taking anything! Just mix your own peppermint or eucalyptus oil in with Detox Aloe. QT: any Anshi variety can be customized with your own oil for a more personalized experience! When dealing with a sore throat from bad GERD/ Acid Reflex you can get the cooling benefits of our Aloe mixed with either peppermint or Eycultpus oil for an extreme cooling effect. 10 drops per teaspoon without the risk of burning! 

Start shopping to mix and match with ANSHI now!

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