Total Healing Turmeric Foot Mask

Total Healing Turmeric foot mask uniquely blends a mix of carrier oils whipped with a small ratio of pink Himalayan salt. Enjoy this natural topical turmeric rub as a hydrating turmeric foot mask with wide ranging health and beauty benefits such as redness, swelling, irritation, calluses, fungus and more.


ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric is a perfect modern gift for any essential oil lover gift wish list. Toxin-free holiday shopping just got a lot easier with ANSHI. 


Rub a generous amount on each foot and leave on over night with socks on for maximum impact for swelling, circulation, and general discomfort after long days of activity! Do this as needed or over night for best results. 

Top 14 allegren free, ketogenic friendly high fat, gluten free, and `00% all natural and pure ingredients thoughtfully sourced.

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