Classic Pink Himalayan Salt Shower Scrub

Classic Pink Himalayan Salt or Classic Pink Salt as ANSHI calls it is a unique blend of carrier oils whipped with pink salt. Enjoy this innovative salt shower scrub and add your own touch with any essential oil. ANSHI Classic is a perfect modern gift for any essential oil lover gift wishlist!

Just Pink Himalayan Salt is a amazing natural, toxin-free shower scrub.


Leave anshi in the shower and when warm scoop a teaspoon and apply directly to skin or use a scrub hand glove to maximize your bodies natural skin exfoliation. Apply to body and neck and all areas for maximum hydration, on all skin types! Customize with  your essential oil to personalize your experience. You can use something like eucalyptus for a refreshing steam effect that cleanses the senses and clears airways. ANSHI gives you your personalized essential oil carrier that truly diversifies how you utilizes your oils.

Top 14 allegren free, ketogenic friendly high fat, gluten free, and `00% all natural and pure ingredients thoughtfully sourced.

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