New On-the-Go Tube Delivers Turmeric Topically For Fast Relief

Today we officially launched our ‘TOTAL HEALING TURMERIC’ On-the-Go tube! Never be without your favorite variety again! 

Total Healing Turmeric is our flagship rub. It is the first and only topical turmeric available on the market and is now available in an easy to travel with On-the-Go tube that is heat resistant. Available immediately, Total Healing Turmeric can replace supplement ingestion for common ills that range from swelling, joint and muscle pain, to eczema or as an amazing facial wash or mask. With uses spanning health and beauty, no other product offers this much versatility. ANSHI’s total healing turmeric On-the-Go tube is redefining the natural medicine landscape. For a growing number of health-conscious consumers, ANSHI maximizes the bioavailability of our ingredients through purity of sourcing and delivery via the skin instead of the gut. Our new On-the-Go tube offers fast relief without side effects, wherever you are.

ANSHI is made with pure and simple ingredients that naturally detoxify. Our line uses mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt to gently remove dead skin cells, so our proprietary blend of turmeric oil can better penetrate the skin. From moisturizing to reducing redness and skin irritation, the possibilities are truly endless.
NSHI supports a vibrant community who share their favorite ways to use our simple, natural products. Our customers suggest using ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric in these ways: to reduce swelling, joint or muscle pain, cramps, as a facial wash or mask, for toenail fungus reduction, for cracked feet, skin irritations, eczema, and as an eye cream, body scrub, foot scrub, and bath soak. 

ANSHI Turmeric On-The-Go Tube available for purchase immediately online and in select stores. Click here to shop.

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