Extreme Dry Skin Relief with ANSHI Aloe Variety

Many people suffer from occasional or chronic dry skin- work hazards, world pandemics, more than ever people are looking for safe, all-natural extreme dry skin relief. With ANSHI Detox Aloe you get the benefit of simple ingredients (only 6!) whipped together with pink salt to gently scrub so your skins outer layers can absorb all the healing benefits of Aloe Vera.

Quick tip: for dry hands after all that hand washing and sanitizing🧼 topically apply a tsp - tbsp of Detox Aloe or Total Healing Turmeric of Classic Pink Salt. depending on size of area. Apply just like lotion and rub in until the pink salt dissipates🖐✨🤚that delivers the best of all natural dry skin relief with a silky feel that isn't your typical lotion or cream.

Great as a holiday gift idea for toxin-free families too! Detox Aloe has more than 10 uses wet in the shower or bath or as a dry topical application anytime. 

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