ROTW: Pomegranate Lavender Lemonade

The ANSHI team is so excited to bring back this fan-favorite - Recipe of the Week (ROTW).  Enjoy plant-based recipes every other week. Easy to customize, and always highlighting nature's best!  Pomegranate Lavender Lemonade features our latest Limited Edition key ingredient: Lavender! Try this now as an end of summer, beginning of fall treat!



We basically recommend a localized approach to issues, so if you have local pain, swelling, or skin irritations Turmeric is great, nerve pain- or allergies and cold./flu symptoms peppermint, bloating and severely dry skin- Aloe, etc.

Janelle Noble Donovan September 27, 2021

Hi Lori- you basically use a whole pom and just add the red bites to the drink to soak for flavor!

Janelle Noble Donovan September 27, 2021

Any suggestions for under active thyroid and high blood pressure

Genevieve Edlow Edlow September 27, 2021

Hello, this looks very nice, however, I’m confused regarding pomegranate. No instructions on how to prepare the pom to add to the lemonade drink. I don’t see the pom in the photo you shared so I have no idea how to prepare it. Thanks

lori September 27, 2021

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