Top 5 Wellness and Life Hacks to Stay Energetically Aligned

Guest Writer: Draya Love

Managing my health and life challenges, I need all the assistance I can get. Our attempt to be well these days seems to be a lot to understand and deal with. As someone who had a lot to unpack myself (fibromyalgia, lupus, divorce, recovering type A personality), I use these tools daily to keep me aligned.

    1. ANSHI - Since I don't depend on pain medication any longer,  I have learned to engage with my body in many ways. ANSHI is a topical rub that is all natural. It  is a great product that has helped me listen to my body, assist with pain and inflammation and help me help myself.  It is used for beauty and medical applications. There are several varieties that help with a multitude of indications. A must stock in your  bathroom cabinet!

    2. Healy - This is next level friends. Quantum healing device that works with an app on my phone to diagnose and deliver frequency therapy. This works with the ATP (energy) of our cells affecting how well function overall.  This device has helped me in so many ways. It scans me to see what is "happening" in my energy field. It has over 144,000 frequency settings to help us get energetically aligned.  I have used the Aura scan as a bit of a therapist.  I AM affirmations are also provided in a report  to help me understand  what I haven't dealt with (or known how to quantify and work through).  This is the NEW AGE of  diagnosing and healing ourselves! 

    3. The Acupressure Pen - Okay, lets just say that this tool has helped me so much over the last 5 years. I have referred SO many people to purchase this little under $20 item. This needless acupressure pen, delivers energy current to the area of application. I have used it as a diagnostic tool to help me understand what is  going on underneath the skin, all the injuries.  It isn't necessarily pleasant, because it's energy current... but, it will help 'pull out' all the injuries in our  bodies. It moves through fascia problems and helps regulate energy in the area of concern.  So good.

    4. Pharaoh CylindersThese stone cylinders are made of shungite and soapstone. (there are different types to get, this is level one).  You hold the cylinders in your hands for 10-15 minutes a day and they balance the masculine and feminine energies in our body, sync both sides of the brain together,  work with the ATP (energy center) of our cells to help our bodies function better overall.  When you hold these cylinders,  you will DEFINITELY feel it work in your body. It is relaxing, peaceful and helps me align so much quicker.  It is fast and  helpful tool! And I LOVE  to use stones/ crystals to balance my energy.

    5. love letter to my life. Healing. - Last, not least is  the book I wrote on healing. It is tangible, accessible. light ways to integrate heavy topics and walk in the journey we are in. I use the mantras at the end of each chapter to help me embody the energies of healing and remind myself what I am doing here. It keeps me focused on what is important for me , remembering that the only true journey here is the journey within. This book has changed my life and  thousands of people alike. 


I hope that you try out some, or all of the things I am recommending as I consider this the "cheat sheet" to managing energy today. This is tried and tested with me and these are what I use most. We have so many tools and modalities to effectuate our health these days. If you are actually interested in getting well, healing and understanding what is going on in your body and life;  it's a great idea to utilize them to see how we can help ourselves in this NEW AGE of HEALING.


To find ALL of these products, head to my website products area at 

You will find many tools to help you in this process of waking up, getting and staying healthy.


So much love family.

~ Draya Love, MBA

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