Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and ANSHI Natural Stress Relief

It's officially Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. To celebrate we just released our Natural Stress Relief Gift set with 50% of profits being donated as well as from any individual ANSHI Limited Edition Soothing Lavender jar sales. All funds will go directly to Rettland Foundation to help families impacted by Rett. 

As a rare disease that impacts all aspects of daily living, in Rett it is vital we support families on the front lines of research. Feet to face, ANSHI has you covered with 100% natural products that really work for a wide range of health and beauty issues. Self care and self love doesn't have to be hard, expensive and out-of-reach from daily living. 

With ANSHI, relax and unwind using the all new Natural Stress Relief Gift set featuring two of nature's most powerful plants - turmeric and lavender. Over time, people with Rett can lose coordination, speech, and use of the hands. There’s no cure but with support and managing of symptoms improvements can be made in quality of life.

Hear directly from CEO and Co-Founder Janelle Noble Donovan about what Rett Syndrome Awareness Month means to her:

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