Recipe of the Week: Vegan Turmeric Mac & Cheese

At ANSHI, we are celebrating our launch and kicking off the first Recipe of the Week. Every Sunday we’ll share healthy (but yummy!) recipes that you can easily whip up in the kitchen. By using natural ingredients that inspire natural living and gut healing each week, we hope our recipes help our ANSHI community live healthy without spending hours cooking. This weeks recipe is turmeric mac and cheese and is so easy to make! Here’s a message from our CEO Janelle on her healthy mac:

“When we first made all our diet changes with my daughter, Raegan, I had heart palpitations. I’m Italian - so no more gluten, dairy, corn, or soy. What?? But now I can kick together a pretty delish mac & cheese and it feels so good. And my five year old loves this! So it tastes good too!”

- Janelle Noble Donovan CEO & Co-Founder of ANSHI


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