The Rise of Transdermal Medicine

(why ANSHI, why now, why us)

National Institutes of Health reports that about 60 to 70 million Americans suffer from digestive diseases. With chronic conditions on the rise, people are taking it into their hands to find ways to feel better using complementary and alternative medicine side-by-side with prescriptions and traditional medical interventions.

It’s an exciting time, where the natural health section of supermarkets is chalked full of people embracing natural medicine. And the stats prove it with 71% of us taking supplements. However, are we overly focused on ingesting as a primary delivery method of natural medicine?

We at ANSHI think so, and here’s why. Typically, we leave it up to the one area of our body with the most issues (our gut) and its 39 trillion bacteria to absorb and activate all these things we take and eat to feel better naturally. We are skipping over the potential of our largest and most vital organ that protects us every day, our skin. We are skin people at ANSHI. We believe our gut has its own brain, science is proving the gut can impact the human mind as much as the mind can impact the gut. It is a yin, yang relationship - a troubled one at that! Our guts will take a long time to heal, but if something isn’t working for you it may not be the main ingredient. You can drink aloe, ingest a supplement, and also can be absorbed via the skin directly. Here’s a simple example. If you have a tummy ache, ANSHI is used by applying a large amount of aloe to your stomach’s skin, vs. ingesting it for constipation. ANSHI was created as a carrier to literally carry the amazing powers of nature to your body and central nervous system via your skin. Simple as that!

So today we launch ANSHI with the vision to become a global health and wellness brand that covers physical, digital and community needs of a growing population in need of healing, in all forms, in all ways.  Our line of transdermal rubs launch at an unprecedented time in history where environmental toxins are at an all-time high, 5G frequencies are here and the rise of currently untreatable and incurable conditions has no signs of slowing. When 6% of the world's birth (and no geographic breakdown is yet available that would factor in environmental factors invariance of numbers) that is 7.9 million infants being born with something wrong every year, and a good portion of those are considered untreatable with no cure. Our guts are in a bad state. And our health and that of our children is showing all the signs.

ANSHI has a simple mission: to help people feel better. And we are committed to guaranteeing that mission find its way in everything we do and say from this day on.  

My first experience seeing the value of transdermal medicine was when Raegan had to endure long periods without food. I desperately wanted to deliver vital nutrients and extra fat to her body. So I began researching and testing as my daughter's health issues ebbed and turned in a scary, messy maze of ICU’s around the country. What I discovered was that simple ingredients can be powerful, when you consider the concentration and delivery method.  

The rubs I made for Raegan worked well - for fevers, for circulation, for general GI discomfort, and for her weak immune system. I’ve seen first hand how avoiding the GI tract and applying directly to the skin could deliver medicine to areas so much quicker than ingesting. The results just blew my mind.

The possibilities are endless. You get to decide how you use this product. Therein lies its power. 

We really look forward to engaging, swapping tips, and getting new ideas for ways to deliver powerful natural ingredients and put them on a pedestal and see what they can do to improve our lives. So many people are in need of healing in this world in one form or another. If ANSHI can in any way help bring more healing into the world, it is a life-long endeavor we can’t pass up. This is gonna be fun.

So explore, discover and try ANSHI.

- Janelle Noble Donovan CEO & Co-Founder of ANSHI


Super proud of you two! And I can say that Anshi works. Since getting my first samples a couple of months ago, I use it every night before bed and have since not had to use my asthma inhaler once! Not sure what magic you have in those little jars, but keep on making it. You have a believer here! Anything you need, let me know!

Andrew Lockhart November 19, 2018

Love it Rose thank you for the support!!

Janelle November 20, 2018

Congrats Janelle on your new endeavor. I’m experimenting with the jar you sent me. Thank you.
We keep Raegan in our thoughts and prayers.

Rose Shepperd November 11, 2018

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