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NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This November, a new line of rubs will be available that pioneers pure, natural, non-toxic alternatives to supplement ingestion for common ills that range from swelling to cold and flu symptoms. ANSHI transdermal rubs are redefining the natural medicine landscape for a growing number of health-conscious consumers who demand better and quicker ways to deliver natural medicine to the body. By maximizing the bioavailability of our ingredients through purity of sourcing and delivery via the skin instead of the gut, ANSHI is a new, modern solution for people of all ages.


ANSHI offers the first and only personalized natural medicine and skincare line which is controlled by people not their digestive system. The rubs feature powerful ingredients that go to work in minutes to deliver maximum absorption and effectiveness. The ingredients sourced for each rub are documented and vetted for purity so consumers can rest assured that it is toxin, carb and paraben-free.

"ANSHI is about empowering consumers' with a more holistic perspective that considers not just what medicine we take, but how we take it," states Janelle Noble Donovan, CEO and Co-Founder of ANSHI. "The idea for ANSHI medicinal rubs was born at the hospital bedside of my five-year old daughter who fought illnesses and seizures for over a year and a half. Moving from several ICU's around the country including Rady's Children's Hospital and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, as a mother I went into a kitchen, not a lab to seek better ways to deliver natural medicine other than ingestion. We tested daily for over a year on everything from fevers and bloating to severe swelling and constipation. The relief turned into long-term progress and healing."

ANSHI is hyper-focused direct application methods of natural medicine delivery. This means concentrated essential oils and gels are whipped with a 3-blend oil carrier containing coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin e oil combined with Himalayan salt activate in minutes instead of the 45 minutes to be ingested orally.  Each rub can be used wet or dry and replace dozens of products used in health and beauty from supplements to skin-care lotions.

The product line features four varieties with the same base-carrier called Classic Himalayan Salt. This base is offered as ANSHI's personalizable carrier consumers just add oil to and mix and rub, as needed. ANSHI's second and flagship rub is Total Healing Turmeric. It is the first and only topical turmeric available on the market and solves the current 'Turmeric Dilemma' - scientists struggle with because it takes the powerful anti-inflammatory compound curcumin and directly applies it to cells that need it to effectively treat a wide range of issues from bites to skin - irritation, as well as  severe swelling and muscle or joint pain.

50% of the total ingredients found in ANSHI rubs  - aloe, castor, peppermint - are proven to help aid gastrointestinal complaints. The Detox Aloe aids digestive complaints from constipation to bloating, as well as acting as skin-soother for anything from burns to ultra-hydration after severe sun exposure.

For cold and flu season, ANSHI's Nurturing Peppermint rub features a highly concentrated amount of 100% pure peppermint oil widely known for its respiratory benefits and treatment of headaches without the foggy brain often associated with traditional over-the-counter remedies. Like many ANSHI ingredients, Peppermint benefits the gut.

For the health conscious consumer, pregnant buyer or cancer-survivor - ANSHI offers a safe alternative to harmful toxins found in skincare. Collectively 90% of skincare has hormone impacting parabens, by replacing a few products in an everyday health and beauty routine with an all-natural solution like ANSHI transdermal rubs can reduce harmful toxins seeping into the skin through bath soaks, shower scrubs, lotions, as well as rest your gut from the harsh natural ingested supplements and medicine taken daily. This is key because according to the Scientific American, parabens have links to breast cancer and reproductive toxicity and it's not a single product that is harmful but the collective use of too many products containing them. ANSHI is committed to making sure no hidden carbs are found in its high-fat, oil-based formulation, so for the growing segment of Keto-genetic consumers, ANSHI's products are safe to use, and will not impact Ketosis as it does not contain any carbs or sugar.

ANSHI transdermal rubs available for purchase immediately online and in select stores. For more information please visit:


ANSHI believes the world of tomorrow is one where people care just as much about what they put on their skin as what they eat. As a modern health and wellness brand, ANSHI provides products and technology to help people feel better by redefining our conception of medicine as not just what we take, but how we take it. ANSHI means God's gift and comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. ANSHI products are a multipurpose, versatile line of personalized natural medicine and skin care. All our rubs combine the best of nature for true medicinal relief via the skin.  Born at the hospital bedside, therapeutic grade ingredients go to work in minutes versus an hour to treat a wide array of health issues ranging from common cold and flu symptoms to swelling and pain.  Our hyper focus on topical and transdermal as the next wave of medicine is simply because you get the benefit of direct application and delivery into the central nervous system while reducing side effects. So have fun, explore, and make ANSHI yours.









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