A Mother’s Day Promise

I made a simple promise to my daughter Raegan for this Mother’s Day. I would follow my heart and bring ANSHI back. Like our committed fans and loyal customers, Raegan would often ask me about ANSHI over the last two years. Admittedly I am holding my breath a bit.  Relaunching and bringing back a brand and product people truly love is a privilege and pleasure. I am lucky. Most don’t get the chance. This time around many things are the same, and many have changed. So let me outline below what ANSHI is relaunching and why. 


ANSHI is back....but our focus is Total Healing Turmeric for now. Explore the amazing savings and value of one of ANSHI's customized subscription packages here. A huge thank you to everyone who ordered back in February of this year, truly. Your commitment to buying and using powerful natural products that work unlike anything else is driving the relaunch.

Our Vision for the Future

Too many people live with issues that could easily be treated if they only knew something like ANSHI existed.  Our products provide fast relief from a myriad of chronic and acute health issues involving localized areas of the human body. And we work for pure beauty use cases too (fine lines, dark spots, aging spots, etc as a facial mask, scrub or daily moisturizer).  

ANSHI is for everyone. From the mother safely healing her baby’s eczema to the millions of mature Americans with very few options when it comes to safely treating issues like pain, redness, swelling, and skin-irritations. Often found in combination, these symptoms actually go untreated by hundreds of millions of Americans each day. From blood pressure medications  to heart medications, this segment of the population as well as the chronically ill desperately need other options besides more pills.  Access to quick, simple, affordable and safe relief options is a must. ANSHI gives people the relief they want. Every time, anywhere on the body - head to toe. 

New Subscription Package Options

Signing up for more than one bottle of ANSHI at a time has never made more sense! Our value-added subscription packages not only gives amazing discounts on single bottles but also includes exclusive access to limited-edition varieties. 

 Sign up now to ensure your first subscription shipment of ANSHI comes with our special launch gifts!


  • 3 Bottles of 8oz Total Healing Turmeric
  • Sent every other month for six months
  • $59.99 per jar
  • $177 Total


  • 6 Bottles of 8oz Total Healing Turmeric
  • Sent every other month for twelve months
  • $49.99 per jar
  • $299.99 Total



  • 12 Bottles of 8oz Total Healing Turmeric
  • Lifetime, Ongoing
  • $44.99 per jar

We Need and Love Referrals

Refer a friend to ANSHI and get an extra bottle of turmeric in your next shipment. When someone you refer buys ANSHI you get a free product. Simple! Just tell your referral to mention your first and last name and email when placing your order via online or phone. 

In Closing….

As founder, I am truly blessed and grateful to have a healthy child in school and family and friends that love and support us. It is a totally new world. We hope you take this leap with us and Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe!

Stay tuned and we welcome feedback as always! Simply email us at

We are so grateful you are here. 

Click here to choose the subscription package that is right for you or shop for a single jar of Total Healing Turmeric.

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