February 2024 ANSHI Drop Sale



We’ve heard from so many fans of Total Healing Turmeric since we closed down operations. From emailing in and messaging us on various platforms, the need and demand for Total Healing Turmeric, in our own lives and in our fans has been clear. 

I’m not sure why you’re not selling this product anymore. I want you to know it is a miracle. Is there anywhere I can still buy it?” - Hanna 


“Hi! I am devastated to see on your site that you are no longer providing this product?? I love using this for my daughter’s eczema.” - Diana


“Any idea when the Turmeric rub will become available? We use it on my wife's leg to help reduce the pain from her varicose veins. It is one of the few things that we can use.” - Michael 

We can only take steps to bring this successful, relevant, and necessary product back to market full-time. This is a small but necessary step. All orders will ship out 2/19 - 2/21 and the sale, launching today, goes till Sunday OR when we sell out. Free shipping on all orders. 

Only 8 oz jars of our best-selling Total Healing Turmeric are available. Receive a 4 oz Detox Aloe rub for free when you order two or more jars until supplies last. 


Of course ANSHI has been deeply missed by our team including the creator of ANSHI Janelle who developed the formula in 2017 for her daughter Raegan…

“I’ve tried to find a product comparable to our turmeric rub but I haven’t come across anything close, Raegan and I are so happy to be using it again and getting it out to those that need it most.” - Janelle


It feels good to be taking steps towards bringing Total Healing Turmeric back to market. 


We’ve missed you!



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