Here at ANSHI, we strive to make an impact on the world in which we live. That is why we donate 50% of the proceeds of each limited edition to different charities and causes. 

Every time we launch a Limited Edition variety, our team chooses a different cause for which to raise money!  Our first Limited Edition - Cleansing Charcoal - raised thousands for COVID Relief aid. 

Our 2021 Limited Edition Soothing Lavender raised money for those living with Rett Syndrome around the US. We dedicated this limited edition to Claire who lived her life with Rett and her legacy is helping those families most in need. All proceeds donated to Rettland Foundation. 

Donations made in honor of Claire's Great Adventure went to families for quality of life items. Click here to learn more about


Our founder and CEO Janelle’s daughter - Raegan Donovan - also lives with Rett Syndrome. Claire, Raegan, and all those living with Rett near and far are the reason ANSHI exists. 


pictured above: Claire and her family

About Claire English: Born at Stanford University in 2005 with high apgar scores, Claire was perfect in every way. It wasn’t until 2007 that the family suspected anything different about Claire. With the help of the team at Stanford Children’s Hospital, in just under 7 months it was discovered that Claire had Rett Syndrome. While her body changed and restricted what she could do physically, her determined spirit remained unchanged.

Claire constantly pushed to do what she could with her body and she believed in the power of trying. Claire loved Disney, Star Wars and Imagine Dragons. Together with her younger sister Chloe, Claire believed she could change the world, for herself and others with Rett Syndrome, a dream their parents Jared and Colleen wholeheartedly supported.


Rettland from Christopher Chandler on Vimeo.


About Rettland:

Rettland Foundation is a non profit organization with 501c3 status that seeks to improve the lives of families living with Rett Syndrome by supporting those that choose to participate in clinical research. When Claire was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2007 there was no treatment, potential treatment or meaningful intervention and this broke our hearts. As research advanced and eventually clinical trials were available it became obvious that families needed support for such a large undertaking. Rettland Foundation was created to help cover travel expenses but also encourage families through care packages and other unique ways to make life in Rettland a little easier.


About Rett Syndrome:

Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that impacts the MCEP2 gene and impacts every aspect of living. Our founder and CEO Janelle’s daughter Raegan has Rett Syndrome. The community of families that share a common thing like Rett is unique and odd in so many ways. A tragic, debilitating thing like Rett can destroy lives but with proper support and research strides those living with the condition have hopes finally for a cure and new treatment options in sight!