Ingesting vs Topical Turmeric: A Deep Dive on Delivery Options for Nature's Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

ANSHI is all about exploring the optimum way to use nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory…

The latest headline shared with us is a good one via the Washington Post…  

With the popularity of Turmeric in the west rising there is now a huge explosion of competition for ingestible Turmeric. Just poke around your local natural market and this plant takes up a lot of space on the shelves! Again via the Washington Post- “Based on what we’re seeing in our data, it’s one of the most common causes of dietary supplement liver injury.” Wow!

Companies are using black pepper, nanotechnology, and the higher and higher concentrations of curcumin, the active and main ingredient of Turmeric, all to help address the elephant in the room. Turmeric is not well absorbed by the gut for systemic (body wide) impact. Period. 

With ever higher concentrations of the plant ingested comes greater risk without actually fixing the absorption issue. As the above headline clearly warns. That is not to say that the many millions that ingest it daily and treat issues don’t experience relief. But the fact remains more than half Americans face gut issues that further hinder absorption.

And then there are those that simply cannot take it by mouth for various reasons. And then there are your feet. If they hurt and are swollen after a long day at Disneyland your turmeric shot taken that morning or $80 dollar supplement is not relieving your discomfort. You gotta put Turmeric on your feet for results for acute or chronic swelling; pain or redness. A fact we shall soon prove by funding clinical research into Total Healing Turmeric. The majority, besides our amazing fans and customers, have only experienced this plant as a spice in cooking, in a juice or health shot, or taken as a daily supplement. Only ingestion. So little attention has been paid to the power of the skin, verses the gut, to absorb this amazing plant. 

According to Harvard Medical School …

"Turmeric....a popular dietary supplement promoted to benefit a variety of conditions including arthritis, digestive disorders, depression, and allergies, among others.” 

Sadly even Harvard defaults to lumping together the very different benefits of Turmeric while ignoring practical knowledge of dosing, concentration or formulations broken out by delivery method and type of use. The gaps in our understanding are significant as Harvard summarizes here...

"based on a small number of studies the effects are similar to that of NSAIDs, while variables such as optimal dosing, frequency and formulation remain unclear at this time while current studies also do not examine the use of turmeric therapy both against and in conjunction with traditional therapies such as physical therapy..."

Through ANSHI and with every jar we sell, our mission is to collect and organize on-the-ground data through customer and fan testimonials and use-case idea submissions. This diary of experience is only possible because we present a simple and safe way to experience the many different types of beauty or health benefits of Turmeric. Savvy young fans like the one featured below mean business. This is no placebo effect.  

However lets not forget that for things like digestive disorders, ingestion is not only ideal it is a must 100%. The curcurim must touch the area inflamed. It is why things like depression Harvard touts as treatable which is interesting because the gut impacts the brain and vice versa. Treating inflammation in the gut can and would have mental health benefits or could impact allergies. But take Arthritis? You would need to be ingesting a lot and have a perfect gut and also address diet but it’s possible. It is just that doing that is hard. The majority of people simply cannot manage their arthritis issues that way for whatever reason and simply live without relief. Until ANSHI. The true scientific breakthrough ANSHI proves is Turmeric must touch the area inflamed to deliver curcumin for optimal results. Localized application and delivery is IDEAL. 

When Raegan, my daughter and reason ANSHI exists, has a partial seizure I can rub Total Healing Turmeric on her head and neck to instantly start calming the brain and end the seizure quickly. But if she is having a more severe or complex seizure, we opt for the standard medications. Ingesting anything to help a seizure would not be practical as 45 minutes is a lengthily time to wait for impact when seizing. That is why rescue medications for seizures delivery method wise are NOT ingested. Nasal spray or rectal are the fastest and strongest delivery routes. And we apply Total Healing Turmeric still during the seizure and coat the head after as a hair mask to speed recovery and treat migraines. Raegans recovery time from a major seizure can be as little as 2hrs vs 2 days now. Powerful stuff. 

Thankfully we do not live in an either/or world. Sometimes when it comes to our health and long term care of our bodies as we age, it is not one thing but many that support our journey. We at ANSHI believe there is plenty of reason for both topical and ingestion as delivery methods for Tumreric and in other places around the world turmeric powder on skin is a regular thing. Always has been. Why? Because many cultures know what we the west have forgotten... that applying turmeric topically can do things ingestion simply cannot. Mainly- topical or transdermal application is the only way to treat red, puffy, swollen- all symptoms you SEE not just FEEL. No other plant or medicine- Arnica, Vicodin, Shots, none of those will treat anything visible to the human eye. If its red- turmeric is your jam. Even if you don't have visible symptoms along with pain, topical turmeric is a game-changer for the pain we can't see, deep or surface, but it uniquely treats what is seen. The image below is an hour later.

Fact remains - with headlines like this one popping up reminding people that not everyone is a fit for ingesting, ANSHI stands alone in providing the strongest and safest alternative way to explore turmeric. 

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