What does Wellness look like for you in 2022

Guest writer: Draya Love

More than ever wellness is a confusing topic for most. Can we be well, how do we be well, what would that take from us for that to happen? Many questions and perspectives on what this means individually, as we are all in varying spaces. My health will differ from yours & my body requires different things to be healthy. Me working towards a balanced life won’t look like your version or journey. See, we’ve been mis-led about how to be well. We ALL have some cleaning up to do. It depends on you how you approach the unpacking of your mess.

For me, my body has been the one screaming to me about what she needs and wants to be whole. Doing the best I can to listen and honor what I should be doing. Linking back, to that truth that I can be healthy. I have all the tools inside me. Finding my flow in my healing approach. Being gentle with myself.  This is a journey after all. So, let’s keep it simple. 

What can we do to be well?
1. I think the first thing we can do is BELIEVE that we CAN be well. Our bodies will support us in healing, if that is the path we choose. It will follow our lead. We must just instruct it on the potential and lead ourselves on the journey. It won’t be easy, but if you avoid it, the volume will only get louder. We can be well & heal. Beginning with belief, hope and trust. Just start. It’s gonna be messy.

2. Next, let’s talk hydration and good quality H2O. Our water has many toxic chemicals and fluoride. Without proper hydration, we will never reach our potential… so keep it simple and heal with high pH water, preferably 9-10 pH for deep healing. Assisting with alkalinity, it will empower your cells to show the body of its potential. Research the book by Masuru Emoto called The Hidden Messages in Water. Water holds memory, water is life.

3. Intuition, our body’s free GPS system. It knows what it knows, what it knows. We should trust that, above anything else, always. You will be your best doctor and know deep down what the best medicine is. Please listen to and honor that gift. It is free and accessible whenever we tap in. Ask questions, get answers. Your body will talk if you care to hear. It knows why it isn’t well and it can guide you into your best health. The more you trust your intuition, the stronger it will get; like a muscle. 

4. Slow down to listen to your body and your life,  they speak to you giving you necessary information You can get all your answers if you pay attention and be present. Simplistic to say but I dare you try. Gratitude and playfulness are a key ingredient.

5. Be aware of your energy and do something about it this year, please. Many are aware of and feel energy but don’t know how to do anything to move it or fix it. Please get energy conscious; what you give, what you take. Make the appropriate adjustments. This means who and where we spend our time and energy. It all matters. Don’t be an energy vampire, they are exhausting. Make sure and cleanse energy daily!

6. Find some things you like to do and spend time with them. It is so important to find out what makes you tick as a person. Many people don’t know much about themselves. I ask you to get curious about you, invest in you, spend the time. 

7. Find some music that feels good. Vibing out is key to embodying joy, moving energy and manifesting… Feel it, move with it, watch it happen.

8. Lastly, connect back in with your body with ANSHI's healing rubs. You intuitively will know where you need to rub this if you listen closely enough. We already naturally rub things that are hurting us, ANSHI is an extension of that and can deliver nature's best plants (turmeric, peppermint, and aloe) deep into the skin with transdermal technology through the use of pink salt.

Okay. I think that is enough for now. 
This will keep you busy and on your toes. 
Wellness is possible, it is a choice & mindset.

My hope is for us all to be well and know our potential. 
Sending you blessings and love for your wellness & healing journey.
Don’t forget your magic, family. 

Much love,

Draya Love

For more information or help healing go to http://www.drayalove.com to begin your wellness journey. 
Link to the book referenced above https://amzn.to/3z2kyht

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