Video Tutorial: Personalized Medicine with ANSHI Classic

ANSHI is skin-absorbed natural medicine. Our topical rubs combine simple, natural ingredients that treat a wide range of symptoms quickly through our patented transdermal delivery process.
We also offer the ability to personalize natural medicine and skincare to your needs. Our ANSHI Classic Himalayan Salt rub is the perfect essential oil carrier. You can simply and easily customize this rub in minutes. In this video you'll see how we added oregano essential oil and charcoal to treat a bee sting infection. It creates a nice salve that you want to apply liberally and wrap overnight with a sock or cheesecloth.


Other Uses

  • essential oil carrier
  • fragrance-free aftershave
  • exfoliating facial scrub
  • healing cuticle rub
  • calming massage rub
  • odorless hair moisturizer

Note: skin will look shiny upon application but after 10 minutes will become completely absorbed since we use pink Himalayan salt to gently exfoliate the skin for superior transdermal delivery.

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