Using Topical Aloe for Acid and GERD

Acid indigestion otherwise known as GERD, is the excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach cells. Millions of Americans suffer from acid flares, take anti-acids, and struggle to find relief daily. Acid has a special place in my heart. A few years ago, I had a crying toddler who was having fits that eventually turned into seizures and breathing issues from the pain of undiagnosed acid issues.

We had no idea what was wrong and it took 10 days in a hospital and finally a scope to diagnose GERD. With my kid, the issue was so bad she stopped eating completely until we figured it out. Then ripped out an n-tube and ate normally. It was crazy. Something as simple and benign as the acid can trigger major issues in neuro-atypical children, being the root cause of behavioral issues like biting, uncontrolled crying, and various other symptoms. 

In order to treat acid flares ANSHI’s Detox Aloe is a core part of my toolkit! We’ve come full circle from heavy dosing of anti-acids to natural remedies to daily manage her symptoms. We also use Zinc L-carnocine and GI Am guard to help manage acid daily. But when it comes to fast relief we use ANSHI's Detox Aloe.

The variety of ingredients in ANSHI’s Detox Aloe is quick to ease burning when flares occur by rubbing down the chest and over the stomach. As you can see in the video we use about 1 tablespoon of the product. It is necessary to rub the product in until the salt dissipates in order for it to absorb beneath the epidermal layer (the top layer of skin). 

Managing acid naturally is important. Its a symptom, not a root cause and there are so many ways to improve digestion so food doesn’t sit longer than it should in the stomach! As recent articles have shown there have been Zantac recalls all over the United States because of its link to contamination with a human carcinogen. Within 2 months of being on a high dose of omeprazole (another popular anti-acid), my daughter almost died of an e-coli infection, a known but little discussed risk of these medications. The Food and Drug Administration has finally issued a warning to consumers that stomach acid medication may increase serious intestinal bacterial infections. 

Instead of using medication with serious consequences ANSHI is able to offer quick symptom relief. And the great thing about Detox aloe is you can also use it topically for relief of bloating, constipation, great on burns, bites, and scars. The list goes on and on. Check out more reasons ANSHI Detox Aloe is a must-have around the house here!

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