Spotlight of the Month: Why Diabetics Love Turmeric

Check out this Q&A with Christina and how she uses Turmeric to help with diabetes...

What’s Your Favorite Variety of ANSHI?

My favorite variety of ANSHI is the Turmeric because it helps promote blood flow since I am type one diabetic. 

How do you use it?

I use the Turmeric underneath my feet and on my arms and legs. I have to apply a decent amount but I like the way it feels and moisturizes my skin.

Why do you love it?

I love Turmeric because it helps decrease the level of glucose in my blood. Although I do take insulin I love how natural the Turmeric is and I can apply it anytime or anywhere. It can become a hassle always checking my blood sugar and glucose but using ANSHI is easy.

How has your personal medical journey or health challenges impacted your life? 

My medical journey has impacted my life in many ways. For example, I love to cook, I am Italian. I cannot eat all of the foods and desserts as I used to. It has changed the way I cook and the lifestyle I used to have. I used to not be as concerned about what I was eating or drinking but now I realize how much of an impact it has on my life. I try not to look at it negatively because all of my lifestyle changes have benefited me both mentally and physically.

How does ANSHI fit into that?

ANSHI fits into my lifestyle changes of all-natural ingredients and skincare. Since I was diagnosed as type one diabetic I am more cautious of what I put in and on my body. ANSHI’s Turmeric helps by lowering my glucose levels and making my diabetes more manageable.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Although I use ANSHI Turmeric for my diabetes I encourage readers to try the ANSHI line of transdermal rubs and see what product best fits for you.



About the Author

Christina is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. She is passionate about spending time with her family and thrifting for the best deals. In her spare time, she loves cooking and traveling. She is currently employed at General Atomics as a controller. Although she is from back east she loves going to the beach and enjoying sunny San Diego.

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