8 Reasons ANSHI is the Best Natural Holiday Gift

I'm biased because we use ANSHI all the time for my whole family! But here are 8 reasons I think ANSHI is the best natural holiday gift for 2020 Holiday Gift-Giving. 

1) Anyone, at any age can use this! Seriously, from your pregnant sister to your grandfather, they need this.

2) Our topical turmeric is a crowd-pleaser and can be used for arthritis or skin irritations, even as a facial mask or luxurious foot scrub. There's over 10 different ways to use ANSHI, a little goes a long way. Or you may use a lot for pain or swelling. It all depends on the use-case!

3) Kid-approved - won't hurt them if they get into it, eat it, or dump it! And they LOVE nightly rubs with it! It's an easy way to connect through the healing power of touch. Plus they absorb all the benefits!

4) A creative gift that lets the user decide how to use it - in the shower as a shower scrub or dry as a topical rub! 

5) All natural products are in! Only 6 food-grade ingredients or less. Our simplicity is our power!

6) Support a small business or shop local! We are being featured in San Diego Magazine Best Of 2020.

7) No need to gift wrap! Our luxe bags and packaging has you covered.

8) Conscious-giving: ANSHI was born out of medical trauma and health issues that define so many lives. When you buy from us, you support a vibrant community and belief in the power of healing. ANSHI is simple, intuitive, and always available. We aim to create effortless natural products that do amazing things. And they just happen to make great gifts too! Especially in the middle of a pandemic which reminds everyone that health is wealth! Nothing else matters.

Happy Gift-Giving!


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