Dry and Cracked Heel Relief with ANSHI Detox Aloe

With the Winter season here, more people than ever are looking for safe, all-natural dry and cracked heel relief.

With ANSHI Detox Aloe you get the benefit of 6 simple ingredients and natural ingredients whipped together with pink salt to gently exfoliate, hydrate and soothe your feet. 

Quick tip: Use Detox Aloe and rub a tablespoon over each foot. Pop socks on for 2 hours or overnight for maximum absorption! ANSHI's Detox Aloe will leave your feet feeling relieved and looking amazing! 👣

Great as a holiday gift idea for toxin-free families too! Detox Aloe has more than 10 uses wet in the shower or bath or as a dry topical application anytime. 

Shop now and get $10 off with ALOE10 code today!

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