Tips & Tricks: Frequencies for Your Microbiome

We care a lot about the gut at ANSHI. Resting it whenever possible, swapping supplements for topical applications when possible, the list goes on. Our guts are constantly at work. And sometimes things can go south fast when it comes to our bellies or our kids.

Calming the belly when its acting up can be a painfully hard journey. Urgency is a must. We go running to the cupboard or store looking for help to ease pain, constipation, acid, etc. Whether you ate something bad, have chronic gut issues, or are testing and seeking better ways to calm the 39 trillion bacteria in our guts. Especially in cases with children, gut issues can mean crying, acting out, and in more severe cases (and for those nonverbal) biting or other forms of self-inflicted harm or harm to others.

We are fascinated by the power of frequencies. And have personally seen EEG, a standard brain wave test, change when headphones were put on an intubated child and playing frequencies from youtube. Yep, waveforms changed depending on the youtube video (and frequency) being played into child's ears in an induced coma.  It was pretty rad.

But what about our bellies? Ever heard or seen a pregnant woman play headphones for the baby on her belly? Well, we decided to try this out. But for a different scenario. There are a ton of youtube channels with frequencies and you can search by gut issues. Acid reflux, there are binary tones for that. Upset stomach? Yep. Sound Health, Meditative minds, and other channels post great youtube videos and you can just put on a great movie for your kiddo and slap on headphones. But wait, not on their head! ON THE BELLY!  


I’ve personally seen this ease belly aches, constipation, extreme gut pain, and in critical situations. Along with a good ANSHI Detox Aloe Transdermal Rub for about five minutes. When things are really bad, leaving the headphones on overnight works too. But as little as 15 minutes could bring fast relief for a child or parent in need all while relaxing on the couch.

As always, you never know unless you try. It may seem weird, but a lot of things that seem weird are really effective. Oddly that is the way nature and the body and technology work together sometimes. Hey, I’ll take it.

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