The Secret Uses of Pink Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt is a wonder. It's light, gentle, sweet. Earthy. We are kinda obsessed with this salt here at ANSHI. It is in our key ingredient in our Classic Himalayan Salt Transdermal Rub and acts as the base for each variety as well.

This salt's 800 million-year-old history is fascinating. The great formations of rock that birthed this gem are a visually stunning testament to nature's enormous and slow power, creating healing elements that build upon each other and concentrate over time. The modern resurgence of this salt in our kitchens is just the tip of humans utilizing its great health benefits. Here are a few reasons why we are just scratching the surface. 

This month we are really focusing on renewal, and I think salt - and especially scrubbing it on your skin wet or dry - really does represent renewal in such a great daily practice ritual. We are so excited to share some tips and insights into our obsession and inclusion of this amazing natural ingredient that promotes healing! 

According to WedMD, the skin has 3 main top layers, the epidermis, the dermis, and hypodermis. In order for something to be transdermal, it must soak into the skin deeper than the epidermis. That is how it enters the nervous system and quickly goes to work in minutes verses up to an hour with ingested medicines or supplements.

Most topical rubs or skincare products are sprinkled with unnatural compounds most people can’t pronounce. A lot of companies, skincare especially, proclaim their products are designed to stay on top of skin, and not go deeper. The skin does protect against that - but trace amounts of chemicals actually do absorb into body. When you total up all the products in your cabinet that contain them - it starts adding up. The reality is, it does matter when thinking collectively across your bathroom product clutter.   

Beyond the endless cooking opportunities with this salt, the utilization in skin-related natural medicine and skincare, in general, is still fairly new. ANSHI is designed to go deeper so active ingredients can enter the central nervous system at a max absorption rate!  The skin is both a great protector and absorber. So here are a few highlights about why we love pink salt in ANSHI products.

  1. Pink salt that contains 84 Minerals known to be lacking in our bodies. By applying our rubs the benefit is twofold. 1) you can gently scrub away the first layer of skin- the epidermis, so the concentrated organic oils and minerals in the salt penetrate to the Dermis layers and seep far deeper into your central nervous system. 2) With your protectant layer removed, 10x the amount of oil you can use without carriers goes far deeper and without burning while moisturizing. It is simple to feel it working,  and the results speak for themselves.
  2. Salt is not harsh for your skin! And way better than sugar-based rubs. Read this great post about the benefits of salt on your skin via Women's Health Magazine here for even more ways to love salt on the skin, and facial skin especially!  
  3. We really wanted to maximize the number of beneficial use-cases a consumer could enjoy with a single product, using salt does that! A single variety like Aloe can be used topically dry for a burn in the kitchen or dry lips after wind chapped day at work. Then again used in the shower as a scrub after a long cold winter day on the slopes, or scooped into the bath for a good soak after a long day. Salt is key to making ANSHI multipurpose and versatile so you, the consumer, can decide when and how to use nature's amazing ingredients quickly, and for powerful relief!

The inspiration for the pink salt first came from a deep respect for Korean spa scrub culture. A homage to the time-tested, multicultural approach to the power of scrubbing as an essential first step to using the skin to ABSORB instead of PROTECT. We want to deliver powerful, concentrated ingredients into the body, at the right time, for the right issue, to bring fast relief. It's that simple. The power is in your hands. ANSHI is not a single use-case product, but an ‘everyday essential medicinal cabinet toolkit that sees skin as our best and most direct absorbent of natural ingredients. Which are proven to do amazing things - whether you are talking about Aloe, Peppermint, Turmeric - or just our Classic Himalayan Salt Transdermal Rub consisting of a blend of oils, including castor, coconut, and vitamin E oil.  

So what are you waiting for? There's too many reasons not to try ANSHI, and pink salt is one of our favorites.



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