The Benefits of Bathing with Rocks and Crystals

Bathing with rocks or crystals is a powerful and relaxing way to absorb the energy of your natural stones. There are health benefits of a crystal charged bath, despite what you may think. A relaxing bath with therapeutic crystals can help absorb natural minerals, emit positive energy, balance your chakras, infuse vibrational frequencies, and bring about a sense of serenity and healing. Rocks, humans, and water are all great conductors of energy, so combining the three will elevate your intentions. 

Bathing has always been an important part of human culture. We use it as a way to cleanse, or in ancient times bathing rituals were a part of social life. The connection between humans and waters is there and bathing with rocks or crystals can take it to the next level.

Bathing in warm or hot water helps open up your pores to allow you to soak up all the benefits. When soaking in a bath with rocks or minerals you are actually able to absorb the minerals oozing out of the stones.

Get fancy with crystals and set your intention! Amethyst, selenite, tigers eye, and rose quartz are all popular and safe crystals to soak with. 

Or keep it basic with any rock or mineral. This is the same idea as an epsom salt bath soak, or absorbing sulfur and magnesium by soaking in hot springs mineral water. The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and it's very powerful tool when used properly to absorb.

ANSHI transdermal rubs pulls a lot of inspiration from hot springs immersion therapy, otherwise known as balneology. Research has shown that ions can cross the skin barrier, meaning that we really do absorb the benefits of minerals beyond just relaxation. 

So next time you're on a nature hike, pick a rock or two and stick it in your bath and enjoy the benefits of nature from your own home and bath. 

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