Sore Muscle Relief & Natural Pain Relief with ANSHI

Take your next massage to a whole other level. If you’re looking for natural sore muscle relief, natural pain relief, then we have the best solution and natural pain relief treatment. ANSHI offers a natural pain relief rub and natural sore muscle relief rub featuring both turmeric and peppermint essential oil.

Back Massage featuring ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric rub for: Natural Sore Muscle Relief, Natural Pain Relief, Natural Pain Relief Treatment, Natural Pain Relief Rub

After working 10+ hour days on my feet I was in dire need of a massage stat. I developed this weird pain in the sole/arch of my right foot. This pain seemed to manifest itself into my hip to the point I was walking with a limp. Every time I stepped down I had a shooting pain travel up from my arch to my hip. It was awful and so frustrating because I couldn’t get laundry or chores done.

I took my Total Healing Turmeric and Nurturing Peppermint rubs to my local Asian foot spa for some relaxation. Instead of using the mystery massage oil – with who knows WHAT kind of toxic ingredients – I had the massage therapist douse me with ANSHI. The pink Himalayan salt crystals felt so good, it felt like a gentle scratch. This opened up my pores to allow my body to deeply absorb the turmeric and peppermint that offered both anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and decongestant properties.


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