Recipe of the Week: Frozen Chocolate Banana with Coconut Cult Chocolate Probiotic Yogurt

We can't get enough of Coconut Cult's Probiotic Coconut Yogurt. The perfect gut healthy addition to any smoothie, bowl, fruit, or as is! One tablespoon contains your daily dose of probiotics! The ingredients are truly high quality and gut healthy.

This ROTW is a special one, we’ve been eating their yogurt for years now, and fun fact their founder loves ANSHI.

We love their clean ingredients, and they love ours. Their consistency is light and fluffy just like ANSHI’s!

This one is so easy to make - simply freeze a banana dipped in melted chocolate of your choice, scoop a tablespoon amount of coconut cult onto your banana, and sprinkle with pink salt and devour.

Check out Coconut Cult on Instagram @thecoconutcult and shop their probiotic yogurts at

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