Rett Syndrome Awareness Month Guest Spotlight: Colleen English from Rettland

A huge shoutout to Colleen and Rettland for teaming up with ANSHI to create our most recent Limited Edition variety, Soothing Lavender, in which 50% of all profits are being donated to raise money for families navigating Rett Syndrome.

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Claire is a 15 year old girl who lived with Rett Syndrome, she tragically passed away earlier this year in 2021. Claire and the English family truly believe in little acts of kindness that go a long way. That's why Colleen and her family started the hashtag #ClairesGreatAdventure because throughout their journey with Claire that's what kept them going most days.

A simple kind gesture from a stranger standing in line who bought their coffee, another who held the door open for them, and others who offered their hand or a hug as support. Life is too short and too precious not to be kind, we at ANSHI, are so honored to spread awareness for Rett Syndrome, and continue Claire's journey to a better, kinder world. 

Learn more about Claire and her story by clicking here.

We have been able to raise thousands of dollars and helped 50+ families who are navigating Rett Syndrome with YOUR help! Even though we are winding down with Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and October is almost over, we still have Soothing Lavender in stock and will have it available for purchase through the holidays!

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