Nurturing Peppermint as a Powerful Fever Reducer

ANSHI transdermal rubs provide natural fever relief with minimal side effects due to topical application vs. oral ingestion. Our top 14 allergen free ingredients combined with pink salt for ultra absorption is truly a whole new way to experience the proven benefits of Peppermint topically. With plant-based ingredients, Nurturing Peppermint is a natural fever remedy. 

Our fans love using ANSHI Nurturing Peppermint for natural fever reduction. Simply rub on high absorption points such as spine, armpits, across the forehead, around the neck, behind the ears, and soles of the feet. Goes to work in minutes for quick and easy relief! Our ratio of our propriety carrier oil mix to 100% pure Peppermint oil is the highest it can be without burning. Meaning it's ultra strong, and initially developed to treat Sepsis level fevers that were unresponsive to IV medications. 

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