Limited Edition Cleansing Charcoal: Donate to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund

We are living in unprecedented times, no doubt. What is happening now hasn’t happened in over 100 years, since the 1918 Spanish Flu. Every aspect of our lives the coronavirus is touching whether we like it or not. Our nation, its culture, institutions, and corporations, the workforce, our children - we are all adapting to this ever-changing reality. 

ANSHI is adapting right along with it. That is why we are dedicated to supporting a simple cause and we want your help. We’ve chosen our first of many to come Limited Edition varieties - Cleansing Charcoal. And 100% of the money raised through purchasing one will be donated to help Feeding America.

Our community receives submissions from fans and customers alike on ways they use our products. Classic Pink Salt is our base carrier for the entire line - great when added to oils, powders, etc. You can mix up almost anything with it - and make some pretty powerful concoctions to treat health issues or get your beauty fix. We chose this idea because it works! Charcoal is bold and powerful. From a natural toothpaste to an amazing face mask or acne treatment - Cleansing Charcoal has you covered.

Here at ANSHI, we see a change emerging. A shift of focus in the way we think, live, and act to be in more in harmony with nature, our bodies, and collective consciousness. This is just one small way we want to give back and support other communities around the country in this brave new world. 

So buy our new Cleansing Charcoal - because it's insanely powerful and versatile (like all our varieties!) but also because 100% of the proceeds (yep that is everything but manufacturing cost) are being donated to Feeding America. We all need to come together, support our neighbors, each other, and ourselves so we can achieve the highest good from all the pain and suffering this virus has caused.

So help us, #HelpEachOther

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