Natural Sun Tanning Options with ANSHI Detox Aloe

Using ANSHI during the hotter months has many benefits including natural sun tanning options! This past week, we tested using ANSHI Detox Aloe after high noon direct sunlight in 5-minute “microdoses”. As little as 2 separate, 5-minute sessions each day nets powerful natural sun tanning options that beat the tanning salon and UV lighting any day! Many of us are looking for natural sun tan options or the best natural oil for tanning in the sun. You can achieve the best natural suntan without wreaking havoc on your skin by using ANSHI Detox Aloe for all natural suncare. 

natural sunburn relief

Simply apply ANSHI Detox Aloe anytime after short or extended periods in the sun to the body or face, feet or head. We liberally applied ANSHI Detox Aloe and found any redness turned into tanning coloration within hours of direct exposure to the sun. Our customers report experiencing excellent results with Detox Aloe for after sun care.

natural sun tanning options with anshi detox aloe

Skin cancer is something everyone is concerned about, so focusing on removing any burns as quickly as possible to repair the skin after exposure makes sense to us over at ANSHI! We hope you try this quick and easy life hack as exposure to the sun has been proven to provide benefits for depression - “This study found an association between decreased exposure to sunlight and increased probability of cognitive impairment”. 

Tis’ the season for Aloe for sure! 



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