Alternative to Cannabis for Pain Relief: Using Turmeric and Peppermint Topically

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to cannabis or a legal alternative to cannabis then look no further. ANSHI’s Total Healing Turmeric is an alternative to cannabis oil and an option that’s a natural alternative to cannabis. There’s so many of us who can’t use cannabis for pain because of government jobs, really any job that drug tests, or live in a state where cannabis is still illegal. On a federal level - cannabis is still considered a schedule-1 drug on par with heroine and meth. People searching for an alternative to cannabis for pain relief are left with little to no options besides toxic products like icy hot or pharmaceuticals that can be deadly like opioids (read more about the rising opioid epidemic here)

Whether you’re dealing with nerve pain or pain from inflammation - ANSHI has solutions to both.

For nerve-related pain we recommend our Natural Pain Relief Gift Set featuring both peppermint and turmeric. If you’re looking to just try one product we would recommend Nurturing Peppermint over our Total Healing Turmeric for nerve pain. If you have inflammation too you really do need both in order to find relief.

For inflammation and pain relief we always recommend our best-selling Total Healing Turmeric rub. If it’s red, swollen, or irritated - Turmeric is the way to go! See below for proof...

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I hope you will come back and start selling again. I only recently started buying your product and then you quit selling. Can you maybe post your recipes if you are not going back in business?

Linda June 29, 2024

I just found your Tumeric rub, I cannot tell you how helpful it has been for my multiple locations of long covid pain. I am heartbroken you no longer have products available.

D'vorah Horn July 28, 2022

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