DIY All Natural Hair Mask With ANSHI

Natural hair masks are so easy with ANSHI. This DIY natural hair mask is great for dry hair, curly hair, and damaged hair by replenishing natural oils and moisture. It's great as a scalp scrub too for itchy scalp, dandruff problems, and is a natural remedy for this. We recommend Nurturing Peppermint for itchy or dry scalp problems and Detox Aloe or Classic Pink Salt (featured in the video below) is great as a dry or damaged hair remedy.

Now that we've covered beauty uses, you can use ANSHI hair masks for health too. Our founder always uses Nurturing Peppermint combined with Total Healing Turmeric for her daughter post-seizure. The peppermint helps with any headaches or migraines and the turmeric helps with inflammation. Simply slather it on and massage it into the scalp, then wrap with a towel and let it sit for 20-30 minutes before washing out with shampoo.

Did you know most hair and skin products have 30+ ingredients? Luckily, this natural hair mask is all natural and has only 6 food-grade ingredients. ANSHI is great for anywhere on the face, hair, scalp, and body and provides simple and natural solutions to every day issues.

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