ANSHI Launches Soothing Lavender in Honor of Claire English

A few years ago I met Colleen at a coffee shop in Hillcrest in San Diego, California and she had Claire and their dog in tow. She had come all the way down from Temecula to meet me and hear about ANSHI. Colleen and I don’t have many friends and places in common. Our lives intersected at the point of both being told our kiddos would never do so many things and had Rett Syndrome - a debilitating neurological condition that steals much from kids at an early age. We’ve overlapped inpatient before at the hospital too - where later on I would end up running back in to bring them a care package of ANSHI. 


Colleen, like us, like so many families, endured so much with Claire’s journey. It is a crazy, sad, roller coaster world of chronic conditions none of us asked to be part of. There is a lot of trauma. And loneliness of walking this path set before us. No one has walked it with more grace and authenticity than Colleen.

We knew we wanted to do a limited edition for Rett, we knew we wanted it to honor a child who had it and had passed - which Claire so recently did shocking our entire community and shaking it to its core. Life and death, sick and well - these are terms you read but things we live daily. Working with English family has been a pleasure and we are so proud of the work Rettland is doing to serve families. There is so much on the horizon for conditions like Rett and we hope with the money raised many more families can get the support and care they deserve. 

Learn more about Rettland by clicking here.

So try our Limited Edition Soothing Lavender - so many ways to use wet or dry and you’ll be helping support some truly amazing work for some of the most deserving families around. 

Shop ANSHI Limited Edition Soothing Lavender by clicking here.


About Rett Syndrome:

Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that impacts the MCEP2 gene and impacts every aspect of living. Our founder and CEO Janelle’s daughter Raegan has Rett Syndrome. The community of families that share a common thing like Rett is unique and odd in so many ways. A tragic, debilitating thing like Rett can destroy lives but with proper support and research strides those living with the condition have hopes finally for a cure and new treatment options in sight!


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