ANSHI Foot Mask Tutorial & With 100% Natural Foot Cream That Improves Circulation!

**This week only - June 16-26th every order will get 2 free therapy foot booties!** Natural foot masks are so easy with any ANSHI variety!  

 This is Janelle, CEO and Cofounder of ANSHI. Foot Masks can help with walking pain, swelling, skin redness, and so much more! Explore what 100% Natural Turmeric for pain and swelling can do when applied to the feet. In this video we are exploring what the power of Nurturing Peppermint can do when you apply it to your feet.


This foot mask and using therapy booties like this has to be one of my personal favorite ways to use ANSHI on the feet. Why? Because, so much of the body functions are impacted by the health of our feet! My feet suffered for years from fungus, redness, irritation, and swelling - now I use ANSHI Peppermint and Turmeric combined (in our Natural Pain Relief Set for only $44.99 - save over 25%! Peppermint for foot masks is ideal because it stimulates circulation, with help from the pink salt, as well as get blood flowing and nerves communicating up and down the body to send important messages from your brain to your body and back again! 
Watch the video above for a quick peek at how to apply Nurturing Peppermint to your feet and cover with a plastic therapy bootie (socks are okay too)! Remember, 100% natural foot masks help with everything from swelling, redness and irritation with our Total Healing Turmeric variety to fever reduction or cramp reduction via foot use with Nurturing Peppermint. Soaks in within 10 minutes or leave on with therapy booties overnight or for an hour before bed! 

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