5 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Himalayan Pink Salt

In the kitchen Himalayan pink salt reigns supreme but in the bathroom...not so much. Why? Pink salt has amazing qualities that make it ideal for use on skin. We understand the benefits of salt scrubs at ANSHI, and that's why pink salt is a key ingredient in all of our rubs. Whether you're looking for a salt scrub for your hands, face, or feet, ANSHI has you covered. In this blog post we will delve into the 5 top reasons you need more pink salt in your life - and by that we don't mean eating more food with it! 

1) Salt makes us transdermal. It acts as a microdermabrasion element to gently scrub the outer layer of the epidermis (the top layer of skin). If you are not exfoliating regularly, dead skin cells will build up on the surface of the skin. Many lotions and topicals will sit on top and frankly not do much for your skin. With ANSHI, that isn't the case. We go deeper than the first layer of skin while removing the dead skin cells. So you get quicker results and have softer skin for longer.

2) Salt makes ANSHI great wet or dry - as a topical rub or you can rinse off at the sink, shower, or in the bath. The gentle scrub is great in the shower or on dry skin since the salt will fully dissipate into the skin. This is a great way to know when to stop rubbing - once the salt has disappeared!

3) Improves circulation - fighting chronic ills like diabetes. Pink salt improves circulation and by putting ANSHI on key areas like the feet, neck, spine, armpits you can alter the body chemistry quickly to find relief for a wide range of issues

4) It feels freakin amazing - a product needs to FEEL GOOD when using it. ANSHI checks that box with our whipped-cream like texture and consistency where air is pumped into our patent-pending formulation. Making ANSHI light and fluffy while improving absorption. 

5) 89 minerals - your skin is missing! Plump, healthy skin starts with the right amino acid profile and the small ratio of pink salt in ANSHI helps us deliver just the right amount of minerals to brighten, lighten and freshen up your skin any time of year! 

ANSHI makes self-care + self-treatment with natural products QUICKER, EASIER & SAFER. That is what drives us to do better, be better and grow into a conscious company on a mission to help people feel better fast! Salt is just one of the ways ANSHI is unique - what is your favorite part about our simple line of natural products?


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