4 Phenomenas of Natural Healing

Why is ANSHI so obsessed with skin? And why do we consider the skin the most underutilized method of medicine delivery?

A few reasons:

KETOSIS.  Did you know that the carbohydrates in lotions and toothpaste can prevent your body from reaching or maintaining ketosis?  Learn More

NATURAL HOT SPRINGS.  The ancient method of using water rich in minerals to heal the body for all sorts of ills clearly proves the skin does absorb what we put on it.  We can either use this truth to help and heal us (which is the core principle behind ANSHI) - or introduce more toxins into our bodies.

The Romans understood this, and so many other cultures today near or far swear by the power of local springs to aid what ails you. Learn More 

Natural hot springs can be found all over the world - our favorite local one, not far from ANSHI's San Diego, California headquarters is Desert Hot Springs


Raegan enjoying the Montana Hot Springs


KOREAN SPA CULTURE.  Scrub away dead cells and soak in pink salt and/or charcoal rooms for many healing benefits.  Learn More 



THE HEALTH MINES.  As part of my daughter Raegan's healing journey, we recently visited the Merry Widow Health Mine in Basin, Montana.  Once home to gold and uranium mines, people now go there to benefit from the radioactive radon gas that the old mines emit.  People who suffer from a wide range of ailments (including arthritis, lupus, and diabetes) sit in the mines for hours and soak their feet in the mineral water, and many claim miraculous recoveries.  Learn More




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