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  • $59.99 per bottle
  • $177 Total
ANSHI offers "Total Healing Turmeric" to help you and those you care about find quick natural joint pain relief, natural muscle pain relief, natural eczema relief, and any natural inflammation relief, all while repairing the skin. With only 6 food-grade ingredients, Total Healing Turmeric is a natural inflammation relief tool! Total Healing Turmeric is multipurpose with uses spanning health and beauty. This rub can be used on the body or face, wet in the shower, or as a dry topical rub at any time.  All the power of turmeric in one bottle ready to use!  Try this ANSHI Transdermal Rub for joint and muscle pain relief.


ANSHI supports a vibrant community who share their favorite ways to use our simple, natural products. Our customers suggest using ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric in these ways: to reduce swelling, joint or muscle pain, cramps, as a facial wash or mask, for toenail fungus reduction, for cracked feet, skin irritations, eczema, and as an eye cream, body scrub, foot scrub, and bath soak.  

How to use:  Rub 1 Tbsp into affected areas for 15-20 seconds for general relief. Rub ½ tsp into face and neck to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines (rinse off or leave on). Massage into affected areas to help relieve eczema or skin irritations. Help relieve cramps (leg, stomach, etc) by rubbing a small amount on affected areas for 10-15 seconds. For use on feet, apply a generous amount and leave on overnight with socks or apply 30 minutes before bed for full absorption. ProTip: rub until salt is fully absorbed into skin. Learn more about the health benefits of turmeric here.

Therapeutic grade ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin e oil, beeswax, 100% pure turmeric essential oil.

Size: 8oz jar


Please note:  some variation in product consistency may appear.  Because our Transdermal Rubs are whipped with air, some settling may occur during shipping, which may leave some space at the top of the container.  We want to assure you that this is normal, and does not affect the net weight of your product.  


We do everything to keep your products at a good temperature during shipping but if your ANSHI arrives melted simply pop it in a cool room or fridge to harden. As a natural product, we harden and soften depending on the temperatures we are kept in. But we still work! Store in a cool dry place when possible! 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Street Fair game-changer

While heading to a Padres game in DT San Diego, I caught this booth at a street fair that carried ANSHI. I happened to be fighting a chlorine rash from a private hot tub, and was prescribed topical steroids, but wanted something more natural. After just ONE application of this cream on my rash and open sores...I literally saw the skin cells closing up the wound and healing the rash! Just amazing,,,then I've read all the other applications that ANSHI can address and I'm so encouraged and want to spread the good news!!!

Nancy Speck
Turmeric relief

The total healing turmeric rub is my go-to for pain relief in my joints. I love it and will try it for other reasons as necessary.

Emily L.

I have been using these products for awhile now and love them. I am sad we cant get them now and I hope they come back.

Brianna L.

Purchased this at the avocado festival.
I have used this mostly for my face , I have been looking for products to help with my acne , this is the best I have found it works so good and I love it.
I have used it for my dry heels & it made a difference.
I will continue purchasing.

Lalana C.

Owner used to put it on me, when we first meet each other, it works wonders