Why Meat-Eaters Should Try Vegan Night

I’ll be honest, I’m not a vegan. I’m not even a vegetarian. I am considered a ‘meat-eater’.  However, there are things associated with a vegan lifestyle that I align with. For example, my moral compass tics up when I see PETA advertisements because simply put, animal abuse disturbs me. 

Whether you’re drawn to a plant-based diet because you want to live longer and healthier, or the sustainable aspect of being more environmentally friendly, or you have an ethical opposition and a love for animals - incorporating ‘vegan night’ into your weekly routine is something easy you can start today.

I try to buy cruelty-free whenever possible and choose make-up and beauty products that aren’t tested on animals. They may be a bit pricey, but I do what I can. Some of my favorite cruelty-free beauty brands are e.l.f. Cosmetics (SO CHEAP!) for make-up, and Pacifica for shampoo and hair care (& ANSHI Classic or Aloe for hair masks ALWAYS!).

When grocery shopping, I like buying natural, organic (when I can afford it), and locally sourced meats and produce. Farmer’s markets are great for this because I know my fruits and veggies aren’t loaded with preservatives, and I’m supporting small businesses. Small groceries with delis usually sell local meats as well - when buying meat or eggs I always look for pasture-raised. Specifically for chicken/eggs ‘cage-free’ or ‘free-range’ can sound good, but is deceiving since most of these hens never see the light of day. Read more about the difference between pasture-raised and free-range here.

The research backs this up, consuming a plant-based diet is better for your health and the environment. The truth is, vegans, consume more fiber and antioxidant-rich produce than meat-eaters. An estimated 70 percent of all diseases (including ⅓ of all cancers) are related to diet. I’m not sure I will ever be able to be completely vegan, but I like to incorporate ‘vegan night’ once a week. With ANSHI’s Recipe of the Week (ROTW), it’s so easy to do so! Here are some of my favorites below:

Chickpea Summer Salad - click here

Easy Vegan Fish Tacos - click here

Stuffed Vegan Meatballs - click here

Vegan Turmeric Mac & Cheese - click here

Green Goddess Dip - click here

ANSHI is completely natural and uses plant-based ingredients. We hope to inspire you to incorporate Vegan Night into your week and use natural, and cruelty-free products as much as possible! What vegan or plant-based products/recipes are you obsessed with? Chime in below!

About the Author:

Elle was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her studies at the University of Minnesota involved Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. Elle moved to California in 2017 in hopes of beginning her career as an entrepreneur. After meeting ANSHI’s CEO and Co-Founder, Janelle Noble Donovan, she joined the ANSHI team and helped build the company from the ground-up. With a passion for sustainability and the great outdoors, Elle plans to build roots in San Diego and inspire more people to live more eco-friendly and naturally.

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Thank you for your honesty! Your testimonial truly speaks to the feasibility of a “vegan night” in my lifestyle, maybe 2! I totally agree that while I am a hippie at heart, it’s easier felt than actually operationalized in my day to day life. In looking at the recipes you posted, I actually have so much of that already at home! Thank you for breaking down the simple steps I can take to not only be healthier, but be kinder to the planet, and my community.

Just like it’s not realistic at this moment in my life to completely abandon some of the tasty “meat-eater” indulgences (like bacon!) that I love, I probably wont be parting with some of my drug store “go-to’s” either. But I will say that after having started to use ANSHI products I notice that I am less apt to grab the ibuprofen for my back pain, and without thinking now reach for the “Total Turmeric” rub (LOVE this product). Instead of the box of cold medicine that’s gathering dust in my medicine cabinet, I get out of the shower and happily reach for the “Nuturing Peppermint” rub to my temples, forehead and neck when I feel like I may be coming down with something. These products WORK. Not just kind of work, they truly make a difference in how I FEEL.

Like you said, it’s the addition of small tests of change that result in the greatest rewards. Thank you for the inspiration and great products!

Tracy Gordon September 28, 2019

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