I said it before, and I'll say it again: When ANSHI products DO NOT WORK it means something. Like…get to a doctor, stat. You see, good natural products do not undermine or replace the need for western medicine - in actuality, they work together providing invaluable insight at the fingertips of eager learners.


Two years ago it happened to my sister Claudette - Total Healing Turmeric didn't help her side and back pain, and she was in agony.  We were perplexed, because we know the products work really well for specific things. So well, in fact, you could model off that consistent response across symptoms and rule out something based on our Topical Turmeric NOT working.

So, Claudette didn't have an injury or sprained back. She rushed to the doctor concerned and still in pain after her own trusted self-treatments options failed and discovered she needed urgent surgery. Crisis averted and thank goodness she didn't ignore the pain and trusted in our Turmeric’s ability to help IF it were in fact an injury or inflamed muscle or joint. There is a time and place for every type of medical invention, given the right circumstances and environmental factors.

Regardless, tonight as I sit waiting for my doctor appointment I’m grateful for advances in healthcare and technology to better patient care and outcomes. I am thankful we live in a place where access to experts and services is excellent. But - tonight ANSHI didn’t work for me. My rash I’ve been sorta tracking in my armpits just went from slightly annoying to “needs immediate attention” (think itchy, tingles and chills – the works). 

So, why the heck am I sharing this? Well, plants aren’t designed to do everything – that’s why we have so much variety in nature! While our products work really well for MANY things, we share that customer intel with buyers to gently guide them how to use ANSHI. We bet on those suggestions and the result is happy satisfied customers and a high return rate (over 30% with 100+% revenue growth scale in last <6m). 

I’ve been slapping on ANSHI's charcoal, turmeric, and aloe varieties, and nothing is helping and tonight the flare is bad and it's on both arms! I scheduled  an appointment, and I am now waiting for the doc. No doubt I need some type of antibiotic. How do I know? Because ANSHI didn’t work - and that’s about as valuable information a product could provide me with other than it resolving my issue.

If ANSHI doesn't make me feel better - then the fact that it helps me determine the next best course of action is pretty darn good too. Great products do stuff like this.

Am I disappointed by my own products' failure to provide relief? Nope. I am amazed at how great it is for so many things. Because it's so good, it really does MEAN something when it doesn’t work. And I like it that way!

Update: So now I am on the way to pick-up...you guessed it...medications and specifically an antibiotic. :)

Building products people thank when they fail is super cool, IMO.

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It’s the turmice is good for ance mark. How many day or week you have to use it.

Jessica wah November 23, 2021

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