Why Hidden Ingredients in Personal Care Products Matter

What you put on your skin matters – probably even more than you think!

Researchers are starting to raise concerns about the fact that 90% of skin care contains hormone impacting parabens  including your shampoos, lotions, scrubs, bath soaks, and toothpaste – which have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. 

When well-respected publications like Scientific American start delving into the cumulative effect of all our personal care products, we should all start listening – especially given that we are living during a time when more infants are being born with something wrong than ever before.

Many of us who suffer from health conditions must strictly adhere to a low-carb, ketogenic, or gluten-free diet. We also must beware of hidden carbs in our personal care products. For some of us, even a small amount of carbs seeping through the skin can have real health consequences.  When you have a child or adult trying to control seizures with ketosis, what goes on the skin matters A LOT!

At ANSHI, we believe in the skin's power to absorb and protect. That is why we are all about combining simple, natural and pure ingredients to deliver powerful natural medicine through the skin.

The Charlie Foundation is a great organization that educates and informs from the perspective of strict ketogenic guidelines. They even compiled a thorough list of personal care products that contain sugar or carbs. Even trace amounts can add up and throw someone out of ketosis. Check out snippets of their guide and click on any image to go and download the full report!

Replacing even a few personal care products or ingestible medications with a product like ANSHI can help rest the gut and eliminate unneeded toxins and carbs from entering the body.

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Thank you for that info! We are looking into the Keto diet for seizure control….good to know!

Becki April 12, 2019

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