Why Healers Love ANSHI

Written by Ryan Spink

Healers are working within a field of skin to skin contact, be that Massage, Reiki Healing, Physical Therapy, and other holistic healing mediums. We are constantly looking for new ways to achieve balance in conjunction with the body. This is why ANSHI has become the number one product in my healing arsenal. As a skin-absorbed natural medicine, it takes the guesswork out of raw oils, combines them with an amazingly light whipped carrier blend that uses pink salt to enable scrubbing as a dry rub, shower scrub, or bath soak- all while netting ultra absorption into the body. 

When I look for a product to integrate into my healing sessions I look for something with rich nourishing ingredients, something that is thought through and comes from the heart. This heart product ticks all the boxes for me and it’s raw elements and holistic manufacturing has earned a sweet spot in my heart through it’s unique and consistent qualities. 

The practical use of all four varieties in my business has taken my treatments to a completely new level of healing. It is the perfect addition to add depth to your work and achieve holistic results time after time. When using ANSHI in Healing sessions clients are not only pleasantly surprised by the products heavenly aroma and eye-catching packaging, but they find comfort in the products exfoliating qualities. I love to explain that this is ANSHI planting its seed in their healing journey germinating the skin so that its healing qualities can then penetrate deep past the first layers of the epidermis into the muscles.  

Before using ANSHI it was always a chore to get my clients to flip on the table due to soreness from the work we’ve done within the session. However ANSHI starts to show results of rejuvenation within 10 minutes, my clients now flip over with ease.  

I see the wear and tear on bodies day in and day out.  Everybody is different. Every single person has their own unique needs. This is why having a line that so broadly covers so many variations and modalities of healing is so refreshing. It is easy to customize each client's experience by pairing the right rub to the affected areas. For example, sore muscles I start with ANSHI Nurturing Peppermint Transdermal Rub, and move to ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric Transdermal Rub for feet, or particular areas with extra sore or tension. Each I rub down the spine for body-wide circulation in the central nervous system. 

As healers, we are always on the run going from class, to appointments, to the studio and it is typical to have our prep rituals and routines. I am telling you ANSHI is an amazingly integrative and easy to use tool for any healer.  Integrating ANSHI into my routine represents prepping and priming the body for the work the client is about to receive. ANSHI is also a preventative tool for myself so that that I can give the same quality of healing again and again without feeling the aches and pains in my own hands! 

This line is truly is the perfect primer to set the tone of holistic preventative health not just in theory but in real-time for both healer and client. So what are some tools you use as a healer and why do you love them? Chime in below! 

 About the Author:

Ryan Spink is a San Diego native who started her wellness journey from a young age. Her Introduction to movement started in childhood training from the age of 8-12 in circus arts. At the age of 12 she started seeing movement in the context of wellness and healing after falling very ill in her youth. She would combat chronic illness the rest of her life using integrated medicine in an effort to avoid the quick fixes offered by pharma companies. At the age of 16, she started training in Improvisational Dance and other movement modalities such as yoga and aerial yoga. Two years later, she was a fully certified Aerial Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching many movement concepts since 2014 mainly focusing on human connection, body positivity and finding “your” feel good. After happily pursuing teaching as a career in Berlin, Germany for 4 years in 2019 she moved to Australia, beginning a mentorship program practicing Swedish Relaxation Massage. In this mentorship, she had one and one training with a Kinesiologist and Remedial Massage Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in massage, yoga, reiki healing, and alternative medicine. Working directly with this mentor sparked real passion in healing and touch therapy in Ryan. She is often described as having very restorative energy, evoking a pure state of relaxation through her intuitive hands.
She is now practicing all over the world. (Current Location San Diego)
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