[Video Tutorial]: Using ANSHI for Headaches

In the video below we go through an example of how to use ANSHI to bring relief in minutes for serious headaches, migraines, etc. We are hospital-bedside with our favorite patient – Raegan. Suffering in the aftermath of seizures. Currently, Raegan’s body is a shaky temperature of extremities and feels cold and clammy. Her head hurts too. BAD!

Rubbing her at the source of the problem with ANSHI instead of giving her something by mouth has multiple benefits.

1)  It delivers powerful natural relief through peppermint oil and salt in minutes vs. 45 minutes by ingesting Tylenol etc.

2)  Absorbs directly to the area that needs it most vs going through the gut to absorb and activate and then travel to the source of pain!

3)  Rubbing the neck, spine, and feet improves circulation and calms the central nervous system for body-wide relief.

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