Video Tutorial: Aloe for Sunburns

I first discovered ANSHI after my family and I spent a long day at the beach. It was one of those June-gloom, overcast skies that tend to burn skin even easier because the UV rays still penetrate the clouds though you don’t feel the heat!

My little one had bright pink cheeks by the time we got home and thankfully I knew just what to do. I threw him in the shower with a bottle of ANSHI Detox Aloe and let him “play” with it while I rubbed as much as I could onto his squirming body. In MINUTES the redness was better, using natural medicine to heal the burn.

In this video tutorial below you’ll see just how easy it is to use ANSHI Detox Aloe wet or dry for instant soothing sunburn relief.

Other Uses

  • Summertime facial: leave on for 10 minutes then wash off after sun exposure
  • Bath bomb: scoop into bath and use cool water after a long day in the sun
  • Dry rub: apply to sunburns and simply leave on, the best for bald heads

Note: skin will look shiny upon application but after 10 minutes will become completely absorbed since we use pink Himalayan salt to gently exfoliate the skin for superior transdermal delivery. 


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