Turmeric: My Lifesaver in a Jar

I knew very little about the magical spice, turmeric, before my time at ANSHI, other than it was one of the ingredients in curry – which I fell deeply in love with during my time spent studying abroad in India.

Let me just say once you have curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everything else tastes so bland! This spice is not only good for the palate – it has actual health benefits that research is just barely scratching the surface of. 

Many of us know turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so taking a supplement or mixing it into your diet is pretty common. However, not many of us know that turmeric can actually be applied to your skin! ANSHI is here to change that. As the first topical turmeric to hit the market, Total Healing Turmeric, is a game changer.

I kid you not - I use this all over my body, and the results I’ve found are pretty amazing. I’ve struggled with cystic acne for over a year, and nothing has helped, except for ANSHI Turmeric. By rubbing it on my chin (where my problem area is) every night before bed, and leaving on overnight, I’m left with less inflammation, no dry skin, and no redness. Another great trick is to gently rub it under your eyes to treat baggy - or puffy eyes. 

Back in January, I went in to the hospital because I thought I broke my ankle. Turns out it was a severe sprain, and after talking with a doctor I was sent home with Ibuprofen, an ace bandage, and crutches. The doctors told me I would recover and be able to walk again in 6-8 weeks, and to use the RICE treatment (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), and that’s all that could be done. I was so upset, I wanted the real-deal pain-killers or anything to take the pain away! Thankfully, I had ANSHI. I lathered my ankle and foot in Total Healing Turmeric every night before bed (with socks!) for 3 weeks and I was walking again! I cut down my recovery time in HALF.

I also deal with lower back pain, and it’s usually triggered when I work on my feet all day. I occasionally treat it with chiropractic, and I’ve also seen a spine doctor for X-rays and the works. Once again, there was nothing they could do but suggest I start physical therapy. Being able to quickly rub something on my back that takes away the pain and helps treat the inflammation is seriously life-saving!

There’s no way our world would be the way it is without modern medicine. Yet, at some point it can only do so much and is only necessary for serious illnesses and life-threatening situations. For those of us who aren’t sick enough to be admitted to the emergency room, but still deal with pain daily -  being able to turn to a natural product like ANSHI, to give us the medicinal relief we’ve been searching for, is simply amazing.

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