Top Three Reasons Kids Love ANSHI

As a new member of the team at ANSHI, I have been using our line with my family to see what they think. And my son LOVES ANSHI! Although we have just started to use the transdermal products I can see the difference in how he approaches using ANSHI rather than traditional western medicine.

Check out my top 3 reasons why kids dig this stuff: 

1. ANSHI is multipurpose. 

My son looks at ANSHI and views it as the solution to a problem. ANSHI offers four different topical dry rubs: Classic, Aloe, Turmeric, and Peppermint. Each different type of ANSHI is able to help with different symptoms. He loves the diversity of ANSHI and how you can use each product wet or dry.

2. Children hate taking medicine. 

The oral route remains one of the most used methods of delivery, however, rapid degradation in the stomach and size-limited transport of compounds across the epithelium, which leaves oral medication inefficient. Since ANSHI is transdermal, it is highly absorbent with zero side effects. Zero side effects? Count my family in!

3. ANSHI involves touching!  

Kids respond to gentle and soothing touch. The power of simple natural ingredients, when combined with intention and touch, is quite amazing. As you can see in my video my son asked to use ANSHI at night because he knows it will work quickly and because he knows it involves mommy loving him by touching. This is such a personal, simple way to connect with our children when they are in need. Enough said!

So what are your favorite ways to approach medicine with kiddos? Have you tried natural or skin-absorbed medicine? Chime in!

 About the Author:

Susie is a high school, a special educator and a therapist.  She has been helping teens and their families in the classroom and therapeutic settings for 25 years.  It is her calling to help others. She enjoys every day guiding our youth and their families in a positive and productive direction.  Susie studied undergrad in Education at the University of Iowa for her teacher credentials. She also received her Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling from National Louis University in Illinois. Susie loves hugs, essential oils, ANSHI, and innovative ways of healing and being healthy. Susie really believes in the power of ANSHI!  She is honored to be a part of the ANSHI team to help educate others and to put the power of their health back into THEIR own hands. “Remember your smile can light up a room.”


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Susie Snyder September 20, 2019

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You’re the best, Susie!

Melissa Lorenz September 19, 2019

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Susie Snyder September 19, 2019

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Sheila Wright September 19, 2019

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